System Announcement

1. Application Period

※ Online application: February 2, 2021 ~ 5pm, March 19, 2021 (Taiwan time).

Late applications will NOT be processed.

2. How to Apply

Step 1: Apply Online
Online application system:  February 2, 2021 ~ 5pm, March 19, 2021 (Taiwan time).
Step 2: Pay Application Fee
Step 3: Submit the Application Online

3. To learn more about application requirements, go to Application Brochure

4. The applicants must qualify as international students pursuant to MOE Regulations Regarding “International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan.”

5. After March 19, 2021, incomplete applications, or applications with one of the following situations will be considered  invalid and will not be processed:

  1. Those who have not registered online or fail to complete the application.
  2. Those who have not paid the application fee.
  3. Those who have not uploaded all the required documents will not be notified to make corrections after March 19, 2021. Applicants shall not request to re-upload documents or make corrections afterwards.
  4. Those who send the application to NCCU by post instead of submitting application online. 

6. To apply for IMBA program, please visit